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  Marc D'Ambrosio - CEO & Founder Classic Sports Catering
Owner and Operator of Classic Sports Catering, Graduate of Harry Lundenberg Culinary School. Marc began his food service career on cruise ships and naval ships in 1977. After achieving the highest status in the industry of Chief Steward, he retired after 10 years to start a family and his vision of his own Catering Company. He began in 1988 as Vice President for a special events food service company. He was responsible for the overall operation of his own events, primarily in the golf industry.
Fulfilling the vision of his own company in 1995, he has focused all energy and resources on operating a highly efficient special event concessions and catering business. Marc maintains responsibility for the sales and service aspect of the business with customer service being the number one priority of the company. His motto that with an intense focus on customer service the sales will follow, has been the benchmark which has allowed the company to grow year after year.

Pauline D'Ambrosio - CFO
Pauline graduated Florida State University with a B.S. degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and a minor in English. She worked for Bank of America for 16 years responsible for the overall operation of the largest banking center in Broward County. Her responsibilities included sales, service and the management of 27 employees.
In 1998 she became responsible for overall administration, to include volunteer coordination, travel and various marketing issues for Classic Sports Catering. Her years of management and finance brings a wide array of customer service experience and is integral to the success of Classic Sports Catering. Her administrative role ensures that all clients are satisfied with the responsiveness of the company.

Buck Maddin - Director of Operations
With an early start in the food and beverage industry, Buck used his passion in the corporate world opening restaurants in the southeast and Midwest. After longing to get outside "the four walls" he has worked with events from Rock and Roll tours, movie shoots, NHL, NFL to PGA tournaments.
Now based in North Carolina, Buck is working with our Cary venues which include Café Splash Down in the Triangle Aquatic Center, the RailHawks Pro Soccer at WakeMed Soccer Stadium and the Koka Booth Amphitheatre.
Buck's experiences include a background in sales, marketing, Executive Chef and other large event production.

Stuart Wahl - Accountant
Stuart received his B.A. in Marketing from the University of Miami and his Masters Degree in Education from Western Connecticut State University. Stuart is also a retired Army officer who was decorated on the battlefield with various awards to include the Purple Heart. He became a business school teacher with some of the subjects he taught to include accounting, business law, economics, and business computer applications. Joining Classic in 1997 Stuart maintains responsibility for all accounting at each event. His teaching experience in the finance industry has been a great asset to Classic Sports Catering. He operates a very accurate and efficient accounting operation, while traveling and balances this with a great client rapport.

Dorothy Hale - Catering Manager
Dorothy has been in the foodservice industry for over 20 years. Having worked in some of South Florida's finest restaurants she pursued a career in the catering of special events. Working with several companies in the past Dorothy has been responsible for the front of the house operation. Her resume includes some of the largest sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, Masters, and Nascar. Dorothy's focused experience in the special event industry brings new ideas and creative visual displays to the catering client. Her detail oriented training in the catering management area brings great leadership to Classic Sports Catering and ensures maximum customer satisfaction to Classic's clients.

Daryl Sweigart - Sous Chef
Daryl has worked as a Sous Chef at various top notch restaurants in the Pennsylvania area. For Classic Sports Catering he handles all the preparation for the excellent soups, sauces, and specialty items which compliment our dishes. Daryl also works closely with our Executive Chef to assist with any of the food preparation to ensure that the overall presentation is perfect for our client.

Dave Cicerchia - Concessions Operation Manager
Since joining Classic two years ago Dave is responsible for all concession food order, deliveries, organization of compound and trucks. Dave handles all inventory of product, ensuring that enough product is on hand at all times during the event.

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