Our Team

Marc D'Ambrosio - CEO & Founder Classic Sports Catering

Owner and Operator of Classic Sports Catering, Graduate of Harry Lundenberg Culinary School. Marc began his food service career on cruise ships and naval ships in 1977. After achieving the highest status in the industry of Chief Steward, he retired after 10 years to start a family and his vision of his own Catering Company. He began in 1988 as Vice President for a special events food service company. He was responsible for the overall operation of his own events, primarily in the golf industry. Fulfilling the vision of his own company in 1995, he has focused all energy and resources on operating a highly efficient special event concessions and catering business. Marc maintains responsibility for the sales and service aspect of the business with customer service being the number one priority of the company. His mottos that with an intense focus on customer service the sales will follow have been the benchmark, which has allowed the company to grow year after year. 

Pauline D'Ambrosio - CFO

Pauline graduated Florida State University with a B.S. degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and a minor in English. She worked for Bank of America for 16 years responsible for the overall operation of the largest banking center in Broward County. Her responsibilities included sales, service and the management of 27 employees. In 1998 she became responsible for overall administration, to include volunteer coordination, travel and various marketing issues for Classic Sports Catering. Her years of management and finance bring a wide array of customer service experience and are integral to the success of Classic Sports Catering. Her administrative role ensures that all clients are satisfied with the responsiveness of the company. 

Buck Maddin - Event Production

Buck started in the hospitality industry at age 14. After managing and opening many corporate restaurants, his passion led him to off-site catering and large events for those corporate chains. Buck has worked with events from Rock and Roll tours, movie shoots, NHL, NFL to PGA tournaments. He loves the logistics side of keeping it all together, thus a happy client. Buck's experience comes from a background in sales, marketing, Executive Chef and large event production.  

Angela Streeter - Catering Manager

With 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry and running a catering company in the North, Angela has made a wonderful addition to the Classic Sports Catering team this past year. As a proud mother of five, she has honed a pleasing personality that is accustomed to maintaining an upbeat outlook throughout the madness of the moment. Over the past two decades, she has accrued an extensive background that covers all aspects of food service; she's equally skilled in the kitchen, behind a bar, & supervising the overall picture. While based out of Michigan, Angela enjoys the travel opportunities that catering affords her. She loves to work a wide range of events, from weddings & corporate shindigs to golf tournaments & festivals. 


Marc D'Ambrosio

Chief Executive Officer



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Buck Maddin

Director of Operations