Classic Sports Catering is very excited to be celebrating 25 years in the special event catering and concession business.


Classic Sports Catering is a full-service Catering and Concession Company. We recognize that an efficient food service company is the key to the success of an event. Classic will offer you, our client, highly efficient food service and top-quality food and beverage to our mutual customer. When combining entertainment and sports events our management team has experience that spans over 50 years. Classic's team has been able to implement a high caliber food and beverage service that is visually attractive and customer friendly while continually upgrading to create a smooth and effective process that remains current through the years. 

More about CSC located on the about us page.


Marc d'ambrosio
chief executive officer
3208 W 157th ST
Buck Maddin
Director of operations
Angela Streeter
Food and Beverage Director