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Dear Marc


Thank you for being such an important part of our tournament.  One can never underestimate the power of food to strengthen or weaken people’s overall impression of an event.


In addition to doing a great job with our corporate guest, you and your team succeeded in satisfying our volunteer.  We both know from being at many tournament that this group is vital, and meeting their needs affects their willingness to work at the tournament next year, their experience overall for this year, and their interpretation of how much the tournament pays attention to their suggestions from years past.  While it is never possible to please everyone, those who find the delicate balance with the majority are the real keepers.


Best of luck to you during the rest of the year.  Perhaps our paths will cross again before next year at another tournament.  


Please extend our thanks to your entire team, with special appreciation for your chefs who not only presented good food but did it with style and humor.  The colorful carved animal figures are still dancing in my mind.


Christine Bogner

Tournament Director



Marc D’Ambrosio

Classic Sports Catering


The Pepsi Americas Sail staff wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your top of the line performance.  Our event was a resounding success because of your effort.  Your dedicated work has laid the ground work for the creation of the Olde Beaufort seaport and the expansion of the North Carolina Maritime Museum.  The long-term benefits for our region will be felt for years to come.  


I am truly grateful for the countless hours of preparation, execution, adjustments on the ground an ultimately the good customer experience that you helped to deliver.  We all thank you and wish you continued success in all that life bring your way.


Donald LeGrande Holloway

Executive Director



Dear Marc,


As you are aware, the scope of any PGA TOUR event is extremely large and it takes countless hours and many different groups to execute one.  In order for this execution to achieve success, it takes vendors, partners, and people who are united in purpose, collaborative in spirit, and committed to the event.


I would like to thank you personally for the assistance and support you provide to help make this year’s tournament a successful.  I and the entire Buick Open team take a lot of pride in our event, with the role you played this year you certainly should as well.  


Robb Grainger

Operations Director



Dear Marc,


I want to congratulate you on another outstanding week at the Buick Open.  It’s been a pleasure the last few years working with such a professional and 1st class operation as Classic Sports Catering.  


We at Tom Ryan Distributing Company, after many great years with the Buick Open, feel they could not have made a better decision when they selected your company to handle their concession needs.  We are currently evaluating our performance and looking at what we need to do in the future to ensure that the Buick Open and Classic sports catering receive the high-quality products and excellent service you both deserve.


Brett G. Albert

Sales Support Manager

Tom Ryan Distributing Company, Inc. 



Dear Marc


I just wanted to congratulate you and your team on another successful U.S. Women’s Open.  The feedback that we have received from spectators, volunteers, vendors and most importantly, USGA officials, has been extremely positive.


Below is a list of the reasons that we enjoy working with you and trust that you will always do an excellent job.


#1 Planning:  We enjoyed working with you well in advance of the championship to mutually select the concession locations, compound logistics and the vendors.  Once that was completed, you did an excellent job communicating with the vendors so that they knew exactly what they were supposed to do and when they were allowed to do it.


#2 Service:  I think this is where Classic Sports catering excels.  It is vital that our spectators feel like they are receiving the value that expect at a major Championship.  You and your volunteer teams over – delivered on customer service which is what we have come to expect from your company.


#3 Flexibility:  Like many events, Flexibility and the ability to adapt to sudden change is critical for success.  I appreciate your patience throughout the process from the stand location, to signage to menu items and pricing.  In the end, I think we all agree that the final product was one to be very proud of.


#4 Enthusiasm:  Marc, I have worked with you several events now and I have yet to anyone who comes close to matching your enthusiasm.  Your upbeat and positive attitude is a great thing to have around a tired and weary staff.  You always remind us of what we do is fun.  


Thank you again for your tireless effort and support of the U.S. Women’s Open.  I look forward to working with Classic sports catering again in the very near future.


Doug Habgood

Championship Director       




Dear Marc,


The U.S. Senior Open is a little more than a week behind us, so I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank you for an exceptional job in providing concession service to the over 120,000 + spectators who attended this year’s national championship.   As you know, I had reservations about utilizing Classic Sports catering for the U.S. Senior Open given the conflict with the Buick Open week, but you assured me we would still receive uninterrupted first-class service – and you delivered on that promise.  


Since we started working together more than ten years ago, and having worked with me for six different tournaments, you have always exceeded my expectations.  The U.S. Senior Open was no different.  The spectators, NCR Country Club members you served in the Member Villa, as well as the USGE officials on-site were highly complementary of your service and professional presentation.  


Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance in serving as a reference for any future events you might consider.    


Mike Nichols

Championship Director




To Whom It May Concern:


For the past five years, I have been privileged to serve as the General Manager for Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club.  With the job comes the responsibility of hosting the PGA Tour Buick Open event at our club annually.   Everyone associated with the tournament takes pride to ensure the tournament represents General Motors, the PGA Tour, the community and our club at the highest level.


With the responsibility of hosting all food and beverage services on the property during the Buick Open, Marc D’Ambrosio of Classic Sports Catering and Warwick Hills have had a very strong relationship over these five years.  Together we have looked for opportunities to improve the experience for everyone associated with the tournament.  From the guest, to the golf professionals and their families and the countless volunteers and support staff, our services will go a long way to ensure a pleasurable experience for all.


Marc and I spend time throughout the year to look for ways to improve services through supplier negotiations of quality products and services; staffing of the facilities with trained experienced personal; working with the local health department; ensure proper licensing with state liquor authorities; and properly executing marketing promotions with tournament sponsors.


Classic Sports Catering staff has gone out of their way to help in ways no one may ever see.  They have feed volunteer and staff for work above the call of duty without any consideration of payment.  They have offered equipment, product and staffing when weather or other obstacles needed a quick change to the event.


Communication with Marc D’Ambrosio and his staff has been set so that a response to any need is immediate with the only consideration being the success of the event for all.  Together we strive to ensure the event is the hallmark event for Michigan and represents Buick and its sponsors in the same quality of their products.  


We look forward to a strong relationship with Classic Sports Catering and Marc D’Ambrosio as we both look to create new and better experience for all involved each year.


Rich Fairman

General Manager   



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